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We believe in the power of the brain and in neural networks!

A.I. is happening now. We aim to be an integral part of it.


We live for the meaning

We are eager to play with data, to make meaningful conclusions and predictive analyses!


We help like-minded innovators to excel!

The scientific man's duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come,
and point the way [N.Tesla]


We have the mindset to disrupt industries and systems

We are a leading R&D SME in Europe.


The future is closer than we imagine.

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We are a Small Team With A Big Vision.

We are fascinated by the potential of deep semantics and artificial intelligence to locate, to link and analyse unstructured data.
We are curious to learn and eager to discover meaningful results.
We build intelligent machines. We help like-minded individuals excel.

making mankind smarter every day!

Content Aggregation

Locate and import meaningful content from structured or unstructured sources. Then just listen & inquire.

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Knowledge Extraction

Context detection, semantic annotation, entity recognition & disambiguation, link-building, coreference resolution, summarization, visualization.

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IT Project Management

We will manage your projects as business developers; not just as programmers. We will help you find investors or apply for grants.

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Some of Our Latest Work

Below are some recent examples of completed projects.

A Database Building Project

Entities Mapping project

Artificial Neural Network Training