We build intelligent machines for a smarter mankind!

Semantic Interactive is actively engaged in rigorous applied research and experimental development, implementation and commercialization of technologies and services. We do data harvesting, exploration, processing, analytics and visualization. We are fascinated by the potential of deep semantics and artificial intelligence to locate, to link, to discover and to analyse unstructured data. Flexible data structures and new approaches have shifted the information technology industry paradigm. We exist to help early adopters gain the competitive advantages of these technologies by automating data management and knowledge extraction. We relate data to its context. We are focused on providing cutting edge solutions, based on state-of-the-art technology to make your organization and our employees become smarter every day.

Mission Statement Core Values Why Choose Us
Our mission is to enable the development and exploitation of cutting-edge digital innovations and intelligent machines resulting in exciting, meaningful and sustainable global solutions. Entrepreneurship vs. Change Averseness
Excellence vs. Mediocrity
Curiosity vs. Indifference
Making Sense vs. Just doing things
This is the wrong question.
We don't do business with just anybody.

So why choose YOU?

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a recognized European innovator and leader in locating, organizing and building knowledge. We will boost the action potential of early adopters in helping mankind become smarter.

Meet our team

Disclaimer: If you find the information provided here inaccurate or somehow misleading, please don't hesitate to use ctrl+w on your keyboard !

Anton Todorov


Anton is +da brain+ behind this whole adventure of exploring the world of data and its further transformation into knowledge. He somehow manages to achieve its later conversion into something tangible... namely cash. Being a typical representative of Taureans he is notorious with his stubbornness in achieving the impossible where others fail even to imagine success.

Angel Kovacheff

Chief Development Officer

Very little is known about Angel indeed... Despite all our efforts to acquire a recent image of him, all we found was the avatar of his favourite comic character from the manga series +Requiem for the Phantom+. What we do know though is his obsession with computers, cybersecurity, singularity and other irrelevant subjects such as NLP, DoD, GitS... probably a result of Infobesity.

Ashley Hunter

Human Resources

Well... to be honest we don't know who has uploaded this picture on our website. We do not have a HR department yet, nor do we know a female by that name. Otherwise we would appreciate your comments on our team with possible suggestions for other interesting persons or pictures worth including here. Thank you in advance ! We needed this text here for visual alignment.

Morgan Freeman

Chairman of the board

Yes, we know you are surprised to see his picture appearing here... Let us explain. Being a source of inspiration for us we offered job to Morgan Freeman not so long time ago. We still have not received his official reply, yet we've decided to wait for him finishing the last episodes of COSMOS and keeping his position as a chairman of the board.

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