Project Advisory & Innovation Consultancy

We are eager to help early adopters gain the competitive advantages of flexible data structures and A.I. technologies. If you are as fascinated by the shift in the information industry paradigm as we are, if you are a true forward-thinking individual or organization, we will want to help you. We will support you in identifying and accessing the most suitable public or private financial sources for your innovation, by monitoring the progress of the call for tenders and by ensuring the financial, technological and organisational management of the project.

Project design

We always start by identifying what our clients really want to achieve. After thorough analysis of all their business needs and wants we create a a picture of the current state of play in their company. Then we start to prepare a targeted and viable solution upon which we later build the project concept.

Opportunities identification

In our business practice and experience we have found that success is usually depending on seizing the right opportunity at the right moment. What we promise is we'll keep an eye for you on all of them including potential grants provided by local authorities, venture capitalist, business angels, international financial support schemes, etc..

Project proposal writing

Our favorite part. Indeed. After carefully designing the project frame work and proper assessment of available resources to write the project with all the necessary context including output and outcome indicators, milestones, budget, responsible entities, etc. is relatively simple. Our primary focus is ensuring achievability with minimum required resources from you in terms of time, stuff, money and … neural cells.

Implementation assistance

With project already awarded by the corresponding authorities starts the real work. Here we come handy with our extensive knowledge and experience in terms of not only administering the project cycles but reducing the overall burden upon your employees, regular business process, financial and… physical health. We'll help you do more with less resources

Entrepreneurship support

With more than profound knowledge and experience in the area of entrepreneurship we not simply support people with smart and viable ideas. We can bring your business to another level if you manage to inspire us with your vision, passion and down-to-earth approach. Its entirely normal for us to not just support an innovative startup but also to invest in our clients. Not only in their business, but as a person.

Business development advisory

The most precious but in the same time most resource consuming part of our services portfolio is tailor-making your business growth. Not only in terms of increasing your revenue streams but in setting the right direction for future growth and success of your company. What we expect from you though could simply be defined by one word: dedication. At least as much as we are … and this means a lot.

Our Pricing

The following prices are non-negotiable. However they are usually based on success and performance. This is our philosophy.

Basic project concept design
Business analysis
Opportunities identification
General project design
Defining cash-flow requirements
Project proposal writing
Full project implementation
Administrative advisory
Stuff training
Payments optimisation
Authority communication support
Reports check-up
All-in-one premium package
We make everything from scratch
You need to have an eligible company
We provide financial resources
You act as a contact point
No costs paid by client
Boutique services
B2B match-making
Provision of financial support
Business development and optimisation
Business introduction & Networking
Custom business requests

Good to know A must know Something else to know about us
As a consultancy team we always seek to deliver results first. Our philosophy is being success-drive. So our payment relates only to what our customers receive as a result of our efforts: e.g. when we prepare a project proposal, we expect to get paid only if it gets awarded. As simple as that. As you have probably figured out by now from the content on this site we simply do not work with anybody. This applies especially when we provide our advisory services. You have to know exactly what you want to accomplish and it better be something meaningful if you expect us to support you. We really want to support sustainable entrepreneurship networks, innovators, out-of-the-box-thinkers, visioners and leaders. If you feel being on the same page, we will most probably have a lot to share. So just get in touch with us. Why miss the opportunity to create something amazing together.

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