Semantic Interactive awarded second major EU grant project [английска версия]

Semantic Interactive received its second major grant award marking a strategic developmental milestone. Semantic Interactive will receive up to 698 000 BGN (350 000 EUR) to implement an innovative context recommending platform with semantic core - Harmony. The funds are allocated under the Operational Programme "Innovations & Competitiveness" 2014-2020, and will take 16 months to complete.
Our company ranked in the top 10% out of all 240 projects who applied in the "small companies" category, thus becoming one of the 43 funded within the allocated budget.
HARMONY is intended as a new product and a web-based service to link international partners to form joint projects.

The project envisages the deployment of a state-of-the-art semantic core, developed by Semantic Interactive, which allows the development of a globally innovative web-based platform to facilitate the automation in matching of partners for entering various forms of cooperation. The system, a.k.a. Harmony, is a solution for the identification of potential contractors, beneficiaries or other partners, utilizing a strong semantic core that analyses the description of individual projects (calls, RFPs, tenders, funding schemes) and clusters them by similarity and in comparison to the organizational profile, the history of previous links and descriptions of previous successful projects.
Unlike existing solutions the proposed system allows the identification of potential stakeholders without having to pro-actively disclose sensitive project information or confidential data. Introducing such a service would radically change the way entities identify suitable partners to form consortia, joint ventures or strategic partnerships.
We will offer a "subscription" model for prospective individual partners and a "software as a service" model for business support organizations (EEN, BSMEA, BIA etc). The advantages of the system are realized by implementing our proven core semantic and recommending systems, which are copyrighted. With them we automate the matchmaking process by comparing the potential partners' user profiles and descriptions of projects and weighing it with historical information about previous successfully formed partnerships. To implement Harmony we purchase a software solution that will ensure the use of the semantic core and recommendation engine in the logical frame of a three-layered architecture. Using machine-training for the recommendation system as a basis for improving the efficiency of the innovative service Harmony will also require access to a database of historical records for successful projects and consortia.

Project summary:
Funding Line: BG16RFOP002-1.001, Support for the Implementation of Innovations by Bulgarian SMEs
Project Number: BG16RFOP002-1.001-0436-C01
Beneficiary: Semantic Interactive Ltd, EIK 202790805
Start date: 18.01.2017
End date: 18.05.2018
Investment total:776 500.00 BGN
Grant total: 698 850.00 BGN, of which
by ERDF: 594 022.50 BGN
national budget: 104 827.50 BGN

For further information please use our contact form or consult the programme webpage

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