Awesome free Robotic Vision course starting next week!

Awesome news! Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is running a free Robotic Vision course starting next week, and it's open to EVERYONE. All you need is a computer and an interest in building the robot overlords of the future.

Robotic Vision vision introduces you to the field of computer vision and the mathematics and algorithms that underpin it. You'll learn how to interpret images to determine the colour, size, shape and position of objects in the scene. We'll work with you to build an intelligent vision system that can recognise objects of different colours and shapes.

Robots were once just a dream but today they're a reality. But what exactly is a robot, how do they function and what enables them to process images and see like we do? This unique seven week course will explore the fundamentals of how we give robots the sense of sight so they can interact with the world. In his course you can examine the fundamentals of robotic vision with Peter Corke - a professor of Robotics and Control at Queensland University of Technology. This course has also some exciting videos to watch,. You can even create your own vision system that gives the sense of sight to a robotic arm. Hopefully, you will enjoy learning some fundamentals of how it is we go about making robots see.

Course outline

This course includes an introductory week, followed by six weeks of lectures. Each week includes two video lectures, quizzes and MATLAB programming exercises.

Getting started: Pre-course activities are available in the week prior to week 1.
These activities help you prepare for the course.
Week 1: Robotic vision and Getting images into a computer
Week 2: Image processing and Spatial operators
Week 3: Feature extraction and What is color?
Week 4: Image formation and Image geometry
Week 5: 3D vision and Robot joint control
Week 6: Vision and motion.
Final week: All quiz and MATLAB assessments must be submitted.
Participants who have completed the optional projects in both this course and Introduction to robotics
can do the extension activity and combine the output of both projects.

Interested? Register here: Robotic Vision

Also consider the fundamentals: the course about Robotic essentials and Introduction to Robotics. This course is an introduction to the exciting world of robotics and the mathematics and algorithms that underpin it. You'll develop an understanding of the representation of pose and motion, kinematics, dynamics and control. You'll also be introduced to the variety of robots and the diversity of tasks to which this knowledge and skills can be applied, the role of robots in society, and associated ethical issues.

Register here: Robotic Fundamentals

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