Nothing but the best for our portfolio

When we decide to start a project with our clients it’s always a form of commitment for us. Not only to put ourselves in their shoes and understand their needs in order to provide an adequate solution, but also to make it a most efficient and cost effective way. So... as we've said it before, we'll say it again : We always underpromise and … usually overachieve.

M-Тicketing solution

Electronic ticketing solution for mobile devices developed as a source for verification of payment in cinemas, theatres, public transport, reducing paper and plastic waste.

S2 Virtual Mall

Software platform combining four core services of our client – mobile payments, individual discounts, micro financing and loyalty management tool for attracting and retaining customers of virtual mall.

S.C.O.R.E. Project

An R&D project providing single point software solution for manual self-measurement for consumers of utility services, recording household's and condominiums consumption of energy.


Inovative project focused on developing system for automated content creation based on semantic algorithms for providing relevant to customer requirements information.

Project ReUsum

Joint project between two international companies providing innovative solution to collect, refurbish, reuse and help responsibly recycle discarded mobile phones, portable electronics and their accessories .


Industrial project for providing smart grid water management system, based on receptions from small metering devices for identifying leaks, pressure problems and other issues on water systems networks.

Health & Food project

Another project for development of advanced semantics based platform for generating relevant to consumers preferences recipes for meals, food and ingredients choice, calories , etc.

B.O.A. project

A small but tailored project focused on development of Bulgarian Outsourcing Agency in a two year cycle, providing support for design and implementation of BOA's core services for its members.

Have your own project ideas ?

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