Data Services

How do you explore the global data multiverse?

We provide a variety of data and content management services to help you navigate your exploration of the data mutliverse. SI will locate, name, visualize and understand each entity or document you need. Discover astonishing relationships and patterns.

Data Aggregation

We know you need the exact and precise info at the right moment. We simply deliver it.

enjoy that HOORAY! cheer

Content Curation

Got the big data package! Need some help digesting it? Let us handle that for you.

receive that BRAVO! recognition


Still not sure what all the entries, numbers and figures mean? We'll make you see!

achieve that WOW! effect

Knowledge Discovery

Time to transform all this meaning into applicable action. That's our special gift.

reach your AHA! moment of triumph

Description of the process!

1. Explain Your Goal

Tell us what you want to achieve? How do you intend to use the data - serve clients better, monitor your brand, receive insights or integrate numerous datasets. We will ask you questions to identify how we can help.

2. Sample or Trial

Depending on your individual request, we will either ask for sample data from you or will locate some sample data ourselves. We will then provide a demonstration or a trial (usually free). Thus we will give you a better view of what you could be expecting from us, while we will confirm our understanding of your needs and the process.

3. Approval & Agreement

During the trial both you and us will know if we can partner with each other. At this point we may decide to decline working with you. If we are positive, we will send you an offer, based on the number of man-hours expected. It is non-negotiable quote, because we will always try to give you the lowest price we can - not the price we think you would bear. We can agree other T&Cs on payments, terms or set-up. Here we will under-promise.

4. Start Crunching Data

Here the process starts. We do what we agreed and keep you constantly informed on the progress. Feedback is crucial because we believe in constant improvement and innovation. Here we will over-achieve.

Our per man-hour price list!

You will hardly find a more competitive offer

Data Aggregation
Locate Reliable Sources & Content
Rights Management & Licensing
Search Management & String Building
Content Filtering & Selecting
Training of Crawlers and Agents
Content Curation
Data Cleaning & Anomaly reporting
Deduplication & DB ID Mapping
Semantic Annotation & Terminology Extraction
Entities Recognition & Disambiguation
Contextualizing & Similarity Matching
Data Visualization
Meaningful Graphs & Charts
Dynamic Dashboards & Heatmaps
Semantic Graphs & Contextual Visualization
Clustering & Animating
Knowledge Extraction
Mapping & Analysing
Data Mining & Pattern Recognition
Modelling & Predicting
Summarizing & Abstracting